Testimonials... Here's what parents, early childhood interventionists and IDEA Part C program directors are saying about Pathways Parent Training Program!

Griffin"Before we began services with Renee and Michelle, Griffin was in a dark place, all by himself. He never acknowledged nor cared to play or interact with anyone. He had no words, never pointed, and LOTS of inappropriate behaviors like crashing, stemming, and screaming. When Michelle and Renee started working with Griffin, they began pulling him out of his world and into ours! They taught us how to connect with Griffin. Now Griffin has joined our family and we can't keep him quiet! Like a typical 4 year old, Griffin is now asking questions, playing with others, and will even ask for help when he needs it. He knows how to express his emotions verbally without all the behaviors. He gladly gives lots of hugs and kisses, and says those long sought after words...'I love you Mama!' There is no doubt that Pathways changed the quality of life for Griffin and our family! Words can't express our appreciation for Pathways and we will be forever grateful for their dedication to Griffin!" ~ Griffin's Mom

Garrett"Pathways has been an absolute life-changing experience for our son and our family as a whole. It has actually become a way of life for us. Before starting this program, it seemed that we were headed in a downward spiral with our son with regard to his behavior and development. We noticed a positive difference in him within days of beginning this program, and his improvement has only progressed. We look forward every week to our next step in the program. Words cannot express our appreciation for being able to participate and benefit from such a wonderful program. We will forever be grateful!" ~ Garrett's Mom

Luca"ECI screened my son for Autism and I started looking for services. There were many choices and forms of therapy to choose from, but I didn't want my son treated like a robot and bribed to learn how to do basic functions in his life. My husband and I thought long and hard about what our son's next step would be. I researched many interventions but most of them were clinics or offices where you take your child and he receives therapy with you sitting in the waiting room. When I found out about Pathways (and they come to your home) I was intrigued and decided to make an appointment with them. It was the best thing I ever did for my son and our family. It is not even a year and my son is a totally different kiddo. He is on a path to having a normal life with all of the strategies and interventions that Pathways has shown our family. My son has become a social butterfly and my family and I are confident that he is going to be just fine! If you have any doubts about what is the best for your child who has Autism, please give Pathways a chance. It will be the best thing you can do for your child and your family." ~ Luca's Mom

Kristi"Pathways has equipped our family with a research-based and practical behavioral plan specific to our son. Always seeking positive outcomes and building on our successes week by week. Renee and Michelle's decades of experience have enabled them to implement techniques that have resulted in dramatic improvements for us in the areas of obsessive/repetitive behaviors, communication, social skills, sensory needs, toilet training, feeding, self-care and more. My questions and concerns are always readily addressed as his needs and/or behaviors change. We now understand how to reinforce positive behaviors and minimize those that are less than desirable." ~ Kristi

CaseCase's doctor suspected he may have autism at his 18 month checkup. She gave us absolutely no hope, direction or options. We were heartbroken, angry and scared to death, until we found Pathways! We cannot express our gratitude to Michelle and Pathways! She has guided and instructed us on what to do to best help him. He has been completely transformed from being unaware that we are even in the same room, to actually interacting with us and understanding what we say. He is a much happier kid, and because of that, we can't thank her enough! We look forward to watching him continue to learn and grow!

There is no doubt in our minds that Case was given to us for a reason! Now it's our job to help him figure that out and we will do whatever it takes! We love our little guy with all our hearts and cannot imagine life without him!"